14 May

Old Town Clothing

 Here Is a film from my favourite label. Also take a look at the website

18 Mar

Margaret Howell Interview

Here is an interesting Interview with Margaret Howell.

29 Jan

Archive Shots

 Here are some shots from the first ever Three Over One collection I found. Seems like a long time ago now. 

15 Jan

Herbert Denim Jean 4 years and no wash

 These jeans date back to the second range. They have been worn for 4 years and survived the birth and feeding of my two kids without having to wash them. Amazing! Thanks to Nobody Jeans for patching them for me. Very Kind

29 Nov

Give a hand to your favourite brand


To our valued customers,

I’m writing this letter to firstly thank you for liking our page and becoming a friend of Three Over One. We really appreciate your support. I am also asking for your help.

I’m sure that with the changes in facebook advertising and the way companies now use social media, you now find yourselves increasingly inundated with requests to like and share pages. This I know can sometimes be quite annoying. I can relate to this personally and try to avoid liking and sharing anything that I do not truly find interesting, believe in or feel would be of interest to others.

Bearing this in mind social media and in particular facebook is an essential tool to enable small businesses such as ours, to gain a voice that would not otherwise be heard through other forms of marketing and advertising, due high costs associated. We rely on our customers recommendations.

Three Over One has always been about honesty and integrity and this is why I am writing this rather than adopting some other giveaway, discount or marketing tool to encourage your support. I would rather spend such marketing budgets on our continued efforts to produce the best possible garments, using the best quality fabrics at the best possible price and wherever we can producing locally.

I am therefore asking if you would try and look through the sea of corporate company pages requesting your attention and instead support Three Over One by SHARING this post and our page with others that you think would be interested in what we are doing.

In addition to this we have just launched our new website and online store. It has taken a little longer than expected but it is finally here and we are very proud of it. If you haven’t seen it come in and take a look around and please let us know what you think.

You can find us at the following:

Or come a watch our little film that will give you more of an insight into what we are doing

Thanks for taking the time to read and all your support.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Thompson

Owner and creative director
Three Over One
27 Nov

Summer fabric selection

 The favourite part of the job is the fabric selection stage. The Japanese mills always have some great prints and here a few that are under consideration.

Now for the hardest part of the job editing!

26 Nov

It's my party......Track 4

 Was watching the Rolling Stones documentary "Crossfire Hurricane". I'd never seen this clip before. No one does the the front man thing better than Mick!

06 Nov

Three Over One Behind The Brand.

We shot this short film a few months ago. We hope it gives some insight as to who we are and what Three Over One is all about.


06 Nov

Adidas Your Story. A Collaboration between Three Over One and Adidas

 This is a little out of date as this colaboration took place earlier in the year but I thought it would be of interest.

The project was titled "Your Story" and was a collaboration between Adidas and various creative individuals across music, design and the arts. The brief was to take an existing or vintage Adidas shoe as a blank canvas and come up with an design that was to draw on personal memories of Olympic games of the past.

I researched early running shoes from the 20s and 30s games as my inspiration as I was interested in the stripped back functionality of these early styles. As you will see from the film included the final shoe was based on the Matchplay style and was finished in waxed leather and suede and heavily stonewashed and distressed to give in a more vintage appearance.

It was a hugely enjoyable process working with such an Iconic brand.



adidas Consortium x Jim Thompson   Your Story Matchplay | Detailed Look


adidas Consortium x Jim Thompson   Your Story Matchplay | Detailed Lookadidas Consortium x Jim Thompson   Your Story Matchplay | Detailed Look



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